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Jabbarzadeh: Copper Company of East Azerbaijan would be established




The Governor of the East Azerbaijan Province in the state Investment meeting announced the establishment of East Azerbaijan Copper Company and implementation of the Sungun copper development plans.

According to report of Aynews, The Governor of the East Azerbaijan state said the Copper company of state would be established due to an agreement between governor's office and National Iranian Copper Industries Co. He said: “We hope with creation of this company the people of this province and Varzeqan town would benefit from Sungun copper.”
“Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh” in the state Investment meeting expressed that the mining sector is able to increase 40% of industrial investment in the state. “We should pay more attention to the mining sector, although this is time consuming but with the power of will and cooperation of involved systems we could desirably improve it.”
He mentioned the mining capacity of Sungun copper and noted: “According to estimates of experts Sungun Copper Mine holds 1% of the worlds coppers inside and this great opportunity should be managed wisely.”
The Governor of East Azerbaijan province mentioned that still we don’t used the total capacity of sungun and added: For a solution of this problem we held meeting with the Minister Industry and Mines and National Iranian Copper Industries Co officials so create the Azerbaijan copper company for doing development projects of Sungun copper as the melting and condensing, Refinery and utilities.
“we reached the agreement for creation of this company and the arrangements and time schedule is provided and due to agreement between east Azerbaijan governor office and National Iranian Copper Industries Co this company would established soon” He added.
“Jabbarzadeh” about the “Nepheline syenite” of Sarab town said: Ten year after start of its operations, physical progress of this project is only 6 percent so in the meeting with IMIDRO officials (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization) they emphasized that within one month would define their task about this project and also define the probability to completion of the project.
The Governor of East Azerbaijan state said the purpose of Investment Staff is to find solution for problems and added: “the provided solutions should be executive because general expression of problems and general solutions would not solve any problem.”
“Looking at the past doesn’t mean the ones in the past were faulty” He emphasized. “we should not have blocking explanation of the existing laws, but we should by using the flexibility of laws facilitate the process of investing.”





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