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Mayor of Tabriz said:strengthening housing to resist earthquakes in the first step needs to know it as a social exigency.

Aynews:Dr sadegh Najafi after visiting area‚Malazynal’ said:Unfortunately we have not seen serious actions to solve dilemma of Marginalization but In the last year we have been tried at least to create access routes and strengthen these tissues.

He said:Unfortunately Earthquake among some people still have not become a major concernAny operational action should be with cultural approaches‚informing of The consequences of the earthquake. 







Aynews:Dr Shahram Dabiri and Mr saeed Mohaddes visited the project of children’s cancer hospital.

Dr Bahra said:This project is a valuable gift from tabriz municipal and members of city council for development‚improving hygiene and helping to patients who are in need.




Dr sadegh najafi in the signing of memorandum cooperation said:however the health of citizens is not municipal responsibility but Tabriz municipal is having partnership with Tabriz university of medical science.

He also told about some facilities that they have made by municipal.




Aynews:Dr Sadegh Najafi told about historical situation of Tabriz and said:Tabriz by having productive and rich history is known as one of tourism regions but most of these buildings are on the edge of destruction and before demolition something should be done‚although this isn′t municipal responsibility but up to know useful actions have done by municipal that we can point out at ownershiping historical buildings and changing them to museum 




Managing Director of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization Mohammad Saeed-Nejad said Iran started talks with foreign shipping companies to begin activities in the country's ports after removal of sanctions on the Islamic Republic

The foreign agreement will help the Iranian maritime industry to regain trust of certain foreign shipping companies besides lifting sanctions,” he said, adding several European companies have started negotiations to return to Iranian water.

He said Iran’s maritime activities totaled 146 million tons last year (which ended on March 20, 2015), while its capacity reaches 185 million tons.

He also said Iran can best use presence of foreign ships in its ports even in case the capacity does not go higher.

Saeed-Nejad said Iran’s naval transport totaled 146 million tons last year, rising by 5 percent comparing to similar period in the year before.




یاهو اعلام کرد با توجه به اینکه هیچ کس نمی تواند کلمه عبور یاهوی خود را به خاطر بسپارد، قصد دارد کلمه عبور را به طور کلی حذف کند.

Shahram Dabiri told that 420 milliard of this new year's budget of Tabriz city is dedicated tourban train and the rest of this amount will go to bus fleet renewal.

He added:This budget has planned for reducing air pollution and facilitating traffic.

He also announced that paying attention to citizens health is one of the priorities of the new year budget.

امروزه بر روي اينترنت و مهمترين سرويس آن ( وب )، صدها ميليون صفحه حاوي اطلاعات وجود دارد. کاربران اينترنت با آگاهي از آدرس يک سايت ، قادر به اتصال به سايت مورد نظر و استفاده از منابع اطلاعاتي موجود بر روي سايت خواهند بود.

The coroner: 13471 persons have died in the recent 9 months in accidents that this number has decreased in contrast to last year that it was 14370 in country.

In these accidents 10370 of persons were men and 3100 of them were women.

According to declaration from the country coroner, in this 9 months Fars province with 1147‚ Khorasan Razavi with 1029 and Tehran with 1025 deceased have the most losses and Ilam province with 121‚ Ardabil with 179 deceased have the least losses.

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