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علی عباسی نهاری
آدرس: تبریز - چهارراه شهید بهشتی - ابتدای خیابان شهید منتظری - جنب دبستان فارابی و بیمه دانا - پلاک 75 طبقه 1 تلفن تماس:  04133355855- 09149160116
پست الکترونیک:
شماره مجوز 94/1417


شعار سال 98: رونق تولید

بحران آب را جدی بگیریم

شهریار نیوز

دریاچه ارومیه

تبریز گونال - تولید کننده انواع کنتور آب

Tabriz mayor reminded the festival of sacrifice as a festival of humankind honesty and generosity and .darling for dearest




Tabriz mayor thanked 19 represantative for supporting islamic legislative assembly in amending municipal exemption law from spending tax.




Aynews: Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh, The Governor of the East Azerbaijan Province about the 12th Tabriz international book fair said: This exhibition is a good opportunity for overcoming the barriers of creative thinking and other problems in the society.



Dr. Sadegh Najafi, Mayor of Tabriz  in the National Fire Prevention Day (7th of Mehr in Iran) said: five new fire station are going to be built in the near future.

tabriz iran

Tabriz Mayor Sadegh Najafi said Tabriz still is known as city without beggars.

Tabriz mayor in his meeting with the artists of Tabriz city said: Cultral events in the new year would be base on developed and effective programs.

Tabriz mayor informed about special services for the guests in the incoming new year.

Tabriz mayor said: the success of Tractorsazi Tabriz in the fianl Hazfi Cup match is honored the people of state.

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