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شعار سال 98: رونق تولید

بحران آب را جدی بگیریم

شهریار نیوز

دریاچه ارومیه

تبریز گونال - تولید کننده انواع کنتور آب
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Mayor of Tabriz said:strengthening housing to resist earthquakes in the first step needs to know it as a social exigency.

Aynews:Dr sadegh Najafi after visiting area‚Malazynal’ said:Unfortunately we have not seen serious actions to solve dilemma of Marginalization but In the last year we have been tried at least to create access routes and strengthen these tissues.

He said:Unfortunately Earthquake among some people still have not become a major concernAny operational action should be with cultural approaches‚informing of The consequences of the earthquake. 





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