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شعار سال 98: رونق تولید

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دریاچه ارومیه

تبریز گونال - تولید کننده انواع کنتور آب
Sadegh Najafi

Mayor Sadegh Najafi, while visiting "Fayaz retirement home", indicated visiting our elders especially in mothers day is a social duty for all citizens.

 East Azerbaijan's general manager of Environmental Protection said:‎
Annual air pollution days reduced 50% in Tabriz

 مدیر کل میراث فرهنگی، صنایع دستی و گردشگری آذربایجان شرقی از ثبت شیوه سنتی تهیه آجیل تبریز و دوشاب شهرستان ملکان در فهرست آثار ناملموس کشور خبر داد.

 East Azerbaijan's general manager of Environmental Protection said:‎
Annual air pollution days reduced 50% in Tabriz

Hamid Ghasemi added: “We have succeeded to reduce 50% of the air pollution amount in the ‎year 2014 in comparison to 2013, Also we could mention the production and ‎distribution of euro-4 gasoline, collection and disposal  of rural wastes, creation a special branch of ‎environmental protection in judicatory as other programs of ours.”‎

Pope Francis ‚The current pope of the catholic church‚ in the 70th regular session of the UN general assembly thanked global efforts to eradicate nuclear weapons and supported Iran nuclear deal with world powers.


Aynews:Dr.sadegh Najafi in a message commemorated first of shahrivar‚the day of Abu Ali Sina birth‚ and doctors’ day and emphasized that medical society has important role in citizens health.

He also noted that advances in the medicine community is a way that can provide citizens health and exhilaration.




Aynews:The mayor of Tabriz in his visit from Tabriz constructive workshops expressed his satisfaction with progress of the project and said:widespread development movements that we can see them in the most parts of city show executives determination for major transformation in face of city.    

Fans of the oldest football team of Tabriz issued a statement and praised mayor of Tabriz‚members of city council‚national sports council‚governor of Tabriz and governor-general of East Azarbaijan.

In a part of this statement is written:Fans of Mashinsazi will always appreciate Dr Najafi because of his efforts and prudent decisions and they are convinced that his brilliant actions will be recorded in the history of Tabriz football‚Azarbaijan and country.

Tabriz Mayor by emphasizing on that any development project, will be associated with multiple consequence stated:

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